Meet Valya

Valya is a happy, beautiful and sparkling 12 year old girl who has been living in her orphanage for a few years now. Tragically, she was found by authorities living on the streets of her village with a pack of dogs, as her family stopped caring for her. She was originally brought to an orphanage for typical children her own age.

Unfortunately, because of all of her time living with the dogs, she was unable to speak Russian or even eat with her hands. Rather, she ate straight from her mouth, just as a dog would do. She was very developmentally delayed compared to the other children living in the orphanage, which was causing the other children to actually fall backwards in their development. Because of this, Valya needed to be moved to an orphanage for children with disabilities.

While living with the typical children, she was able to learn and progress by observing them, so we knew she somehow needed to be in an environment where she could learn and flourish. For these special reasons, we knew that Valya was the perfect child for our first foster home. In a family environment, we know she will thrive!

How you can help

Know where your money is going—and that it’s making a difference. Petrova’s Promise is seeking funding to pay for the care of the children, medical supplies and furnishings including furniture, dishes, towels, etc.

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