Petrova’s Home

We are now very excited to initiate our newest program… Petrova’s Home.

Petrova’s Promise has a vision to create a home and family environment for orphans with disabilities. Since this can no longer be done through adoption, Petrova’s Promise is opening the first ever foster home in Russia for disabled orphans. Our dream is to provide a home and family environment for one or two orphans that have physical or mental disabilities. We are hiring a “foster mother” or “foster parents” to live with the child(ren).

Our highest hope is that the mother/parents might have a child or children of their own who aren’t disabled. If this is the case, then all the children can learn from each other. The orphan with the disability can learn age appropriate activities of daily living from their “sibling” and the typically developed child can learn patience and empathy from their “sibling” that has a disability.

After we have successfully opened our first foster home, we would like to open up many more, keeping each one small so the children are living in a family environment.

Petrova’s Promise is dedicated to providing the actual home, as well as all the needed therapy, activities, clothing and food, as well as anything else the child(ren) might need. Petrova’s Promise will also pay the caregiver for their time and attention. The Russian Government will pay a small stipend for the care of the child(ren) as well as the salary of the caregiver. Petrova’s Promise will then add to both of these fees in order to ensure the best care is provided to the child.

In December of 2016, Petrova’s Promise purchased a flat in the New Moscow area of Moscow. It is currently undergoing renovations, for when a new flat is purchased in Russia, it only comes with the cinder block walls. Everything else must then be added.

Petrova’s Promise is currently seeking funding to pay for all the furnishings for the apartment including furniture, dishes, towels, etc, as well as the care of the child(ren).

How you can help

Know where your money is going—and that it’s making a difference. Petrova’s Promise is seeking funding to pay for the care of the children, medical supplies and furnishings including furniture, dishes, towels, etc.

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